As retouchers, we often spend prolonged hours in front of our monitors. Sometimes as long as 18 hours per day. It is easy to forget about time and keep working and working. However, it is important to make regular breaks. What is more, it is also important to remember about staying active. In healthy body, healthy mind – is the motto that we all should remember.

Waste of time

Yes, you could have retouched another image or answer a few more emails, but an hour every second day to make sure your body gets what it needs, is really not that much of a price to pay. The way I see it, is yes, I could have stayed indoors in cosy environment, drink some warm tea and keep working, but I treat the time I use for other activities as an investment. I keep my body healthy, so that I stay healthy and can work more. There is nothing good about being ill and still have to work. Yes, it could happen even when you are active regularly, but there is less chance of that when you are active.


So, let’s not treat it as a waste of time. Let’s go out and do stuff. It doesn’t really need to be anything extreme. If you are out of shape, start slow and easy. Even a morning walk is better than nothing. And maybe after a while you will see that a walk is simply not enough any more and you will start running. Just do whatever brings you enjoyment, whether it is cycling, running, swimming, gym or even yoga. I find that after my morning ride, I come back home with fresh mind, fresh ideas and in a better mood. So, don’t delay it any more. Get up, switch your monitor off and do stuff! You will thank me later 🙂

PS. Pictures are from my today’s morning ride.

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