We are proud to present our dodge and burn guide. Inside you will find information about how we set our tablet and Photoshop for dodge and burning. You will get an ebook, a 20 min instructional video, you will learn how we create all the layers inside Photoshop and how we use them, you will get a Photoshop action to set all the layers automatically.

dodge and burn guide ebook cover

Here is the full info:

Learn to dodge and burn like a pro

Guide to the Dodge and Burn technique. Learn how we set everything up and the way we work with this technique.

What will you get:

  • 4 files inside: full guide (.pdf), 20 min instructional video (.mp4), Photoshop action (.atn) and checksheet (.pdf)
  • link to download our 20 min instructional video will be emailed to you the same day
  • close to 3000 words in the main guide, 13 pages of text and images
  • many screenshots to illustrate settings and options,
  • Photoshop action to automatically set all the layers inside Photoshop for you,
  • Additional check-sheet you can print to remember all the settings easily.

In this guide, we explain:

  • How we set up all the layers for dodge and burn technique
  • How we work with each layer
  • What tools and settings do we use during the process
  • Additional tips and tricks

Product details:

Format: digital download
Language: English
Content: 2 x PDF file, 1 x ATN file, 1 x MP4 file
Skill level: Intermediate

Don’t wait, grab your copy today!

You can purchase the guide on our shop page.

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